What does DC shoes stand for ?

Answer DC Shoes evolved from a company called Droors Clothing. The president and executive vice president of Droors Clothing, Ken Block and Damon Way, respectively, befriended skateboarder Rob Drydek, and... Read More »

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What does DC stand for on shoes?

The letters DC are the mark of DC Shoes, a maker of activewear, especially skateboarding shoes. DC may refer to Droors Clothing, the company of which DC was once a brand. Funding Universe asserts t... Read More »

What does DC Shoes company stand for?

DC Shoes is an American-based shoe company that makes very popular and high-quality skateboarding shoes. DC Shoes originally stood for Droors Clothing. When it was sold, the new company no longer h... Read More »

What does the DC in DC Skate shoes stand for?

Although the exact origin of the brand name "DC" is unclear, it is rumored to be initials for the first names of Danny Way and Colin McKay, both professional skateboarders. Another version is that ... Read More »

What is the difference between cycling shoes&triathlon shoes?

Triathlon and cycling shoes look alike and have some other similarities but triathlon shoes are designed to make for quick transitions from the swimming to the biking segments of a race.Similaritie... Read More »