What does the"LRG"in LRG Clothing stand for?

Answer The letters "LRG" in LRG Clothing Company stand for Lifted Research Group. Founded in 1999, the Irvine, California-based company specializes in menswear and accessories. Its slogan is “undergroun... Read More »

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What Does the LRG in LRG Clothing Stand For?

LRG Clothing Company is known for its inventiveness and functionality. There are several logos that are featured on LRG Clothing products making it distinct and recognizable. Yet many LRG customers... Read More »

What does RVCA clothing stand for?

The RVCA in RVCA Clothing is not an acronym, according to a 2009 article about the company in Entrepreneur magazine. RVCA is an invented word that is pronounced "Ruca." The V and the A are meant to... Read More »

What does CPC cell line stand for?

The CPC cell line is the choroid plexus carcinoma cell line, a line of cancer cells of a specific type cloned from cancerous cells in laboratory mice and maintained for use in cancer research.Refer... Read More »

Does the Hannah Montana clothing line make anything for middle-aged men, say for maybe a 33 year old?

Yes, you could always buy sparkly H-M Tees in the plus size young miss fashion section at Macy's or K-Mart. And the be-decked and be-jeweled back-pack and lip gloss thankfully come in one size. You... Read More »