What does the Chrysler valet key do?

Answer The Chrysler valet key permits unlocking of the door and starting of the vehicle only. It does not lock or unlock the glove box or permit access to the trunk. Valet keys also typically have a diffe... Read More »

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How much do you tip a valet?

CNN Money recommends tipping a parking valet $2, while The Emily Post Institute suggests tipping a valet $2 to $5. Some customers divide the tip, giving the valet $1 to $2 when they drop off the ca... Read More »

What is a valet car key?

A valet car key allows you to take advantage of valet parking services without being vulnerable to theft of your personal belongings. Valet keys look like regular car keys but they offer restricted... Read More »

How much should you tip for valet parking?

On One Hand: Tip $2 to $5 When LeavingAccording, you should tip your valet $2 to $5 dollars when you return to pick up your car. If your vehicle is especially expensive, you might wan... Read More »

How much should I pay for valet parking?

Tips are based on service, so give whatever you think the service you were provided with is worth. suggest a $2 tip for valets, but $5 is acceptable for fast, problem-free service.Sour... Read More »