What does a BNC network cable stand for?

Answer The BNC, or Bayonet Neill Concelman, cable connector was named for its inventor, Carl Concelman, an engineer with Amphenol. BNC connectors are miniature quick-release RF connectors that are used fo... Read More »

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How to Switch From a Stand-Alone CPU to a Network CPU?

A network is made up of several computers connected together and sharing files. A stand-alone computer doesn't have access to the files that exist on the network and the other computers. In order t... Read More »

What unit does G stand for on the iPhone network coverage?

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A motorcycle's side and center stands are among the most overlooked components on a bike. Stand lubrication is often neglected during regular maintenance. While the lack of lubrication has little t... Read More »

What did Patrice O'Neal mean when he said British Stand Up is 50 Years behind American Stand up?

I used to think British people on the whole were just a bit uptight but the Americans reaction to Ricky Gervais says different. Not sure what he meant but imho American comedy is a bit childish and... Read More »