What does the BMW emblem stand for?

Answer The BMW emblem, with its blue and white center, represents the national colors and the flag of Bavaria, the German state where BMW is headquartered. Because BMW originally manufactured aircraft eng... Read More »

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What does the emblem stand for on the NKJV Bible?

The emblem on the New King James Version Bible is a triquetra. Triquetra is a Latin word that means three-cornered. The triquetra’s Christian meaning symbolizes the trinity of the Father, Son and... Read More »

What does the Mercedes Benz emblem stand for?

Emil Jellinek, founder of Mercedes, wanted to create engines to run on land, on water and in the air. He chose a three-pointed star to represent this. The three-pointed star was later combined with... Read More »

How to Remove a BMW Emblem?

Most cars that are produced have some sort of emblem or car ornament installed on the hood of the car and even on the truck. This includes BMW. If you own a BMW, you may find that you want to remov... Read More »

What does the bmw emblem represent?

BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works, and the blue and white in the emblem is a take on the Bavarian flag, which is also blue and white. The design itself is meant to look like a propeller, a symbol... Read More »