What does the Austrian flag mean?

Answer The meaning of the flag of Austria lies in its red and white colors. The white horizontal stripe symbolizes honesty and peace, while the two red horizontal stripes represent bravery, strength, hard... Read More »

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What does the color red mean in the U.S. flag?

The red on the official flag of the United States symbolizes valor and bravery, according to the United States Government Printing Office. The blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice, w... Read More »

What does the Vietnamese flag mean?

The flag of Vietnam holds several meanings. Red symbolizes the blood of its people, while yellow represents its people's skin color. The five points of the star symbolize different classes of peopl... Read More »

What does Canada's flag mean?

Today's Canadian Flag was chosen out of more than 2,600 design proposals and was first raised on February 15, 1965. Red and white have been official colors of Canada since 1921, by proclamation of ... Read More »

What does the Vietnam flag mean?

The elements of the Vietnamese flag have several interpretations. The yellow star dates to when Ho Chi Minh declared national independence in 1945. Some historians believe the five points stand for... Read More »