What does the American Red Cross symbol stand for?

Answer The familiar symbol of a red cross on a white background is recognized by international humanitarian law as the emblem of military medical and volunteer first aid providers. The symbol, originally ... Read More »

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What does the Red Cross symbol mean?

The Red Cross, as well as the Red Crescent and the Red Crystal are symbols intended to convey Mercy and Absolute Nuetrality.

What does the ohm symbol stand for?

In Hinduism, the om, or aum, symbol is representative of the beginning, current state and end of the universe. It is also connected to the fourth state of consciousness in Hinduism, known as turiy... Read More »

What does the Greek key symbol stand for?

The Greek key symbolizes the eternal flow of life. The symbol, which is often part of a repeating pattern, is also called the Hellenic key or Meandros, after the winding Meander River.Source:Fauxol... Read More »

What does the Euro symbol stand for?

The Euro symbol "€" is used to signify the single currency used in many European countries. The symbol is based on the Greek epsilon and was chosen because of its links to early European civilisa... Read More »