What does the 60 in Dana 60 stand for?

Answer The "60" in "Dana 60," an automotive axle manufactured by the Dana Corporation, refers to the axle's model number. The next generation of the axle is the Dana 61, which is an improved product.Sourc... Read More »

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How wide is a Dana 60?

The Dana 60 is most commonly found in the rear of 3/4-ton pickup trucks. The mid-1980s Ford F250 rear axle is 66.5 inches wide, from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface. Since almost a... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Dana?

Dana means “from Denmark” or “Danish.” It is possibly derived from D’Aunay, which is a Huguenot variant of the French towns of Aunay. In Hungary, Poland, Czech and Slovak, it is a variant... Read More »

How to Identify a Dana 44 Vs. a 35?

The Dana series of axles, made by Dana Corporation, have been used in a variety of foreign and domestic vehicles with payload capacities under one-half ton. The Dana 35 and Dana 44 axles are two of... Read More »

How to Remove a Dana 44 Hub?

Dana is an American company that produces drive-line products for cars, trucks and heavy equipment. The Dana 44 is a solid drive axle that is used on the front of many four-wheel-drive vehicles, su... Read More »