What does it mean when you feel movement rite next to your belly button on the left hand side done a preg test said negative and went doctors and he said probably just my bowel but i think he is wron?

Answer Answer Pregnancy tests are very sensitive and generally give very reliable results past the due date of a period. Also, you would not feel a baby moving until it was around four months after concep... Read More »

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What does it mean when a fluorescent light is said to be a T12?

The letter "T" represents "tubular," which describes the fluorescent bulb shape. The number "12" represents the diameter of the tubular shape in eighths of an inch. Thus, "T12" represents a "tubu... Read More »

An electrician said my electric is not earthed to my water supply. What does it mean?

He means your electrical supply is not grounded to your incoming water pipe. When a service is connected to a house, by NEC code the water pipe must be grounded to your supply. This keeps your wa... Read More »

My doctor said i was dialated to a 3 and a half and my cervix is a 50 percent. what does that mean?

that means that you have a little while to go, because when you are dialated 10 cm, it is time to have the baby, and when your cervix is onehundred percent.

What does it mean when a website says it expired on said date and it pending renewel or deletion?

When you Register a Domain name it is for a certain period of time usually in one year intervals, it is like renting a apartment with a year lease. So when the website expired on said date their le... Read More »