What is the system of exchange that does not involve money called?

Answer The barter system is a system of exchange that does not involve money. In a barter system, goods and services are traded directly without the use of currency. For example, a person might trade a do... Read More »

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I am Buying a home theater system, what is a good system to buy that is not expensive.?

What does that new drug craze Salvia do once its in your system Has anyone done it?

I haven't done it personally, but I had to take my nephew TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION after he used it! It seems impossible to control how you will react to it & there are a lot of bad stories out the... Read More »

How to Install an Operating System on a Toshiba A105 That Does Not Have an OS?

You can install an operating system on a Toshiba Satellite A105 that does not have one due to the hard drive being replaced or formatted, or to create a clean installation. Toshiba laptops support ... Read More »

Does the foster system care about the children that go through it?

The system, and the politics, and government officials that run it don't - not even a little. They care about statistics and keeping their funding and jobs, and looking good. Most case workers DO c... Read More »