What does terms net 30 mean?

Answer Net 30 is a term used when a purchaser is billed for a service or product. It refers to 30 days the purchaser has to pay for the service or product delivered without being charged a fee or penalty.... Read More »

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What does GUI mean in DVR terms?

GUI means "graphical user interface" in electronic devices like DVRs or digital video recorders, computers, and cell phones. GUI uses graphics and icons rather than text. This type of interface has... Read More »

What does R1-10 mean in zoning terms?

Land designated to have R1-10 zoning is for single family residences, where lot sizes must be a minimum of 10,000 square feet. In most towns and municipalities, R1-10 zoning excludes the acceptance... Read More »

What does sum mean in math terms?

The term "sum" (sometimes called summation) in mathematics is the result of adding two or more numbers together. For example, the sum of 5 plus 6 is 11, or the sum of 2 plus 3 plus 4 is 9.Source:Ma... Read More »

What does it mean by caf in shipping terms?

Abbreviation for "Currency Adjustment Factor." A charge, expressed as a percentage of a base rate, that is applied to compensate ocean carriers of currency fluctuations