Is an mba a terminal degree?

Answer Although doctorate degree programs in business have been introduced at various universities, in general, an MBA (master's in business administration) is considered a terminal degree. A terminal deg... Read More »

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What Is a Terminal Block?

When you have a set of electrical wires to connect, a terminal block provides a safe, convenient way to keep them organized. They are rugged, easy to use and designed to keep wires of varying gauge... Read More »

Ubuntu 12.04 terminal?

Type in the password for your account and hit enter. The password will not be shown as you enter it i.e. it will be invisible. Just enter the password correctly when prompted.

What is a clamshell terminal?

A clamshell terminal refers to any number of devices, such as cellular devices or laptops, that have two distinct parts and close at a central pivot point, in the same manner as a clam's shell clos... Read More »

What is a spade terminal?

A spade terminal is an electrical connector with a blade shape that slightly resembles some garden spades. Some spade terminal blades are solid and some have slotted ends designed to be secured wi... Read More »