What does term the civil purse mean?

Answer Yes, the V means Viscera and he is also Mabel.

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What does civil disobedience mean?

Civil disobedience is the intentional, non-violent, public display of law breaking to protest against the injustice or unfairness of a law or occurrence. The purpose is to sway public opinion of t... Read More »

What does ejectment in civil court mean?

Ejectment is a civil law term used when dealing with real estate and property. If a person is occupying land or property because he thinks he has a claim to the land and refuses to move despite the... Read More »

What does civil mean in genealogy information?

The term "civil" ordinarily pertains to citizens. British genealogical records may refer to a "civil parish," which is nonreligious and is to be distinguished from a church parish. Both the church ... Read More »

What does 'in a civil union' and 'in a domestic partnership' mean on facebook?

in a civil union is for gay people. and in a domestic partnership is like whoever u are living with and "in bed" with them no matter if u are gay.