What does tell congress please don't censor the web mean on google?

Answer It's to protest against a bill that congress is trying to pass in the U.S. right now called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). If it gets passed the bill would basically censor the internet, not al... Read More »

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Why dont ppl just use google?

laziness mostlyYou do realize the irony of suggesting using google on a Yahoo! page right?

Why dont ppl just google?

I think there are several reasons:1. Some people like to be annoying2. Some are lazy3. Some really don't know how to use Google. Google is not real good at understanding cell phone/chat room mumbo ... Read More »

Why dont you people use google?

Because asking questions here is fun, well at least for me... ! :)I like getting different people's opinions on diverse stuff. For example: I ask a question about computers, on Google, it's a bit t... Read More »

How come you guys dont use google?

hey steph hahasometimes the information is hard to findand others know it instantlybut there are some people that dont bother using dictionaries and thats just annoying