What does tele mean in Greek?

Answer The Greek word tele means far away or distant and is used as a prefix in English to mean the same thing. For example, a television is a device for viewing from afar while a telephone transmits soun... Read More »

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Who are the tele tubbys?

They are children's favourite tv show when they're like 2! Everyone watches Teletubbies when they're kids!Answer: The Teletubbies are four creatures who live in harmony. Each Teletubby is a differ... Read More »

When is Six Feet Under back on tele?

been cancelled. Good show though. Series finale was the final episode for Season 5.

What is the difference between 3G and tele-immersion?

How to Make Tele Tabs in Runescape?

A tele tab in “RuneScape” is an abbreviation for teleportation spell tablets. These are items that can be used by any player to cast the teleportation spell inscribed on the spell tablet. Any p... Read More »