What is a tandem bike?

Answer A tandem is a bicycle made to be ridden and pedaled by two people. The frame looks like a regular bike, with two wheels, but is elongated to add another set of handlebars, seat and pedals.Construct... Read More »

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What is a tandem stroller?

Tandem strollers accommodate more than one child. This type of stroller has two or three seats, which are lined up one in back of the other. The seats in some tandem strollers are arranged in a sta... Read More »

What is a tandem bicycle also known as?

A tandem bicycle is also known as a bicycle built for two because it usually contains two seats and sets of pedals, one in front of the other. A tandem bicycle with more than two seats is known as ... Read More »

How fast is a tandem bicycle?

A tandem bike is as fast as the riders who power it. It's feasible that a tandem bike could sustain speeds of 25 to 30 mph, depending on the power and stamina of the riders. One highly specialized ... Read More »

Are tandem bicycles safe?

I have a tandem its a Phillips I've ridden it with other experienced cyclists and inexperienced I have to say it is easier with inexperienced or if you are okwith it to let the control to the othe... Read More »