What does"taking someone for granted"mean?

Answer To take someone for granted means that you undervalue them, or take something to be true without question. For example: The student took it for granted that her teacher would let her turn in the as... Read More »

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What does take it for granted mean?

The phrase "take it for granted" has two possible meanings. One meaning is to assume something is true like, "Fred took it for granted that Suzie loved him, although, she never said she did." The ... Read More »

How to Not Take Something for Granted?

We all take things for granted: our home, our mum, dad, even our food. So, to be sure if you are taking things granted or not, ask yourself when the last time you thanked someone for something. Ser... Read More »

How to Deal With Being Taken for Granted?

From an early stage in your life, you are taught to respect others, and do kind things for them, such as offering hospitality or babysitting. However, what if the other person abuses that kindness?... Read More »

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