What does taco mean in Spain?

Answer In Spain, a taco refers to a specific type of dish, most often a wrap made of tortilla, spiced meat and/or beans, cheese and vegetables. Condiments such as hot sauce often accompany tacos in Spain.... Read More »

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What does"taco"mean in Spain?

When Americans think of the word "taco," they think of a Mexican tortilla filled with meat, cheese, and spices. In Spain, a "taco" is a plug or a wedge. It can also mean a swear word. The verb "dec... Read More »

Mc donalds, burger king, taco bell, wendys, jack in the box, del taco?

Instead of a taco del carbon, does anybody know any restaurants that will make me a taco del silicon?

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What is the new taco salad called at Taco Bell?

The three taco salads currently listed on the Taco Bell menu are; the chicken ranch taco salad, the fiesta taco salad and the chipotle taco salad. Each of these comes in a "fully loaded" version wi... Read More »