Tacky or not?

Answer super sweet, its a really nice way to remember him by. a peice of him is always with so sorry about him, loseing a dog is hard already, but having him since you were four must be miserable, ... Read More »

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Is it tacky to wear this?

it's a really boring piece of stringjazz it up with metal beads.

What is tacky glue?

Tacky glue has probably done more to simplify crafts than most other glue products developed during the last 50 years. It allows for two surfaces, except possibly paper, to be positioned once, twic... Read More »

What does ticky-tacky mean?

Ticky-tacky refers to inferior material used in construction, especially in the construction of tract houses--homes built with a similar style on one tract of land, according to the Merriam-Webster... Read More »

How to Fix Polyurethane That Is Tacky?

Polyurethane is better known as varnish. Varnish is used to protect and add a shiny finish to wooden surfaces. Over time, the finish of the varnish can start to peel, become white, and even feel ta... Read More »