What does In-Sync mean?

Answer in ipods and phones etc. syncing is basicly dowloading or deleting files from the phone/ipod so it is the same as the computer depending on your choice

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What does"no sync"mean?

"No sync" represents no synchronization. "No sync" means there is no direct connection between two or more electronic devices, a computer software application and media device, or code in a progra... Read More »

What does"sync"mean on iTunes?

Syncing on Itunes involves having the same songs, music videos, television shows and movies on the Itunes dock that are on the Itunes compatible hardware such as the Ipod, the Iphone or the Apple T... Read More »

What does sync mean for the Nintendo Wii?

The term "sync" refers to establishing a working connection between the Nintendo Wii remote and the Nintendo Wii console. The connection is established by pressing the "Sync" button located under t... Read More »

What does it mean to sync your iphone4?