What does swb mean in a vehicle?

Answer Some say it means "short wheel base" and others say it means "short wide box". These terms usually refer to pick up trucks.

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What does a crossover vehicle mean?

Crossover vehicles have the same structures of a normal SUV, which include favorable space and ample amenities. Crossovers are built to provide more efficient resources than a typical SUV, providin... Read More »

What does"vehicle serviced"mean on Carfax?

"Vehicle serviced" often means that regularly scheduled maintenance and service was performed, not necessarily that there was a problem repaired, only that a mechanic serviced the vehicle. CARFAX a... Read More »

What does cross over vehicle mean?

A crossover vehicle is a combination of a car and a sport-utility vehicle. It has the features and design of an SUV, but is built on a car base. A crossover sits lower, usually gets better gas mile... Read More »

What does listed as a fleet vehicle mean?

The designation "fleet vehicle" can mean many different things. It can be a vehicle titled in a company's name and used by an employee, a rental agency's car, a bank-owned automobile driven by a pr... Read More »