What does subscript zero mean?

Answer A subscript of zero is referred to as "naught," which is pronounced "not." For example, a variable x followed by a subscript of zero is read as "x naught." Naught is often used in physics to refer ... Read More »

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How to Double Subscript?

Subscript font, which is smaller and lower than the surrounding fonts, is commonly used in mathematics and chemistry. Word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, allow you to insert standard ... Read More »

How to Make Subscript in WordPerfect 10?

In word processing, subscript is a type of text that is positioned slightly lower than normal text. If you need to type chemical formulas, you can use subscript text for the formulas to appear as t... Read More »

Difference Between a Coefficient and a Subscript?

Polynomials are a fundamental part of algebra. Polynomials are made up of the sums and differences of terms. The central part of a term is a variable, and the variable can have three numbers associ... Read More »

What is a subscript in a chemical formula?

The subscript in chemical formulas, also known as molecular formulas, indicates how many atoms of an element is present in the molecule. For example, the formula for water is H2O, which has two ato... Read More »