What does subscript zero mean?

Answer A subscript of zero is referred to as "naught," which is pronounced "not." For example, a variable x followed by a subscript of zero is read as "x naught." Naught is often used in physics to refer ... Read More »

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What does zero population growth mean?

Zero population growth refers to a constant number of people over a period of time. This is not necessarily the same as equal birth and death rates. A population that has a large birth rate but lar... Read More »

What does it mean if your FAFSA EFC is zero?

Your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) helps the government calculate your EFC (Expected Family Contribution). The Department of Education says the EFC "measures your family's financ... Read More »

What Does Restart Client Services Mean on Net Zero?

Restart client services is an error message that occurs occasionally with dial-up Internet providers such as NetZero. In the event that this error message appears, close out the NetZero dial-up cl... Read More »

What Does a Negative Zero Reading on a Vernier Caliper Mean?

Vernier calipers are used to measure items with great accuracy. Normal measurement units are in centimeters, down to the millimeter engraved along the long arm called the fixed main scale.