What does subrogation mean in the auto insurance business?

Answer When an insurance company pays a not-at-fault claim for their insured, their policy language may allow them to stand in the place of the insured and pursue recovery through a process known as subro... Read More »

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How does auto waiver of subrogation work?

Waivers of subrogation work in the same fashion no matter the line of insurance.A waiver of subrogation is one party agreeing who has had risk transfered to it (usually an insurance company) agreei... Read More »

What does the legal term subrogation mean?

Subrogation is a legal term referring to the right to transfer a claim or responsibility to a third person. For instance, if an insurance company pays a policy-holder for damage to, say, a house or... Read More »

What does NB NP mean on auto insurance?

It is difficult to answer this without seeing the context, but I will take a stab at it. On the auto theft claims end abbreviations are used, like NI, is named insured and IV represents the vehicle... Read More »

What does comprehensive auto insurance mean?

Automotive insurance is a legal requirement if a person is going to be driving a car. However, many people don't entirely understand just what it is that their policy does and doesn't cover until t... Read More »