What does subnet a mean?

Answer A subnet is the term used to describe a computer network that shares the same Internet Protocol (IP) address. Linking the computers so that they share an IP address allows for increased security an... Read More »

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The subnet mask is applied to the packet. what subnet is the packet sent to?


A bit complicated this one!Your IP, is your pc's "address" on a Network. So that your Router/Server knows where to route the data.The Subnet Mask however, determines the "class" of a... Read More »

What would the subnet mask for I.P.

Did I subnet this properly? means that you have a total address allocation of 128 addresses(32 - 25 = 7, and 2^7 = 128).For four equal sized subnets, each subnet will have 32 addresses(32 = 2^5, and 32 - 5 = 27... Read More »