What does subnet a mean?

Answer A subnet is the term used to describe a computer network that shares the same Internet Protocol (IP) address. Linking the computers so that they share an IP address allows for increased security an... Read More »

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The subnet mask is applied to the packet. what subnet is the packet sent to?

What would the subnet mask for I.P.

What is the maximum number of workstations you can have on the subnet?

An IPv4 address is divided into four sets of eight bits. The maximum number workstations is 2 raised to the power of "n" minus 2, where "n" is the the number bits allocated to the subnet. A Class ... Read More »

A network on the internet has subnet mask of What is maximum no. of host it can handle?

Maximum number of host that network with subnetmask : = number of host bits are 2^12 - 2 = 4096 - 2 = 4094 hostsregards