What does subcutaneously mean?

Answer Subcutaneous means under the skin, and subcutaneously is an adverb that describes the manner in which someone uses, places, administers or injects something beneath the skin. Subcutaneously also ca... Read More »

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What if your flu shot was given subcutaneously?

It may give you symptoms of irritation at the site of the injection and be more sore. It may give an incomplete immunization. It will likely not do long term harm, but, in the US, you should contac... Read More »

Does a flu shot work if given subcutaneously?

Most of the flu vaccines for injection are designed to be given in the muscle tissue. If your injection was given with the wrong length needle and it ended up in the subcutaneous tissue instead of ... Read More »

Is the flu shot administered subcutaneously?

No, it is an intramuscular (IM) injection, usually given in the upper arm (Deltoid muscle) in adults and the thigh in young children and babies. Babies can not receive vaccinations for the flu unti... Read More »