What does sterling weighted mean?

Answer Weighted sterling (or sterling weighted) refers to a common object--a candle stick, mug or candelabra, for example--that has a thin layer of sliver on its exterior (often .003 inches thin) and is w... Read More »

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What does a weighted GPA mean?

A weighted grade point average (GPA) is one where extra points are added to reward students for taking especially challenging courses. In a weighted course, an "A" will count as five points instead... Read More »

When to Use Weighted Averages?

An average is a measure of the center of a data set. You calculate the average by adding together all the data points and dividing by the total number of data points. Each number counts equally in ... Read More »

What Is a Weighted Salary?

As a means of comparison, the average salary for a particular job, education level or number of years of experience is somewhat misleading. Among the reasons are that some states or districts may h... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Weighted GPA?

While calculating your GPA for Math majors may not be a complicated task, for others it can be a tedious task, especially if your school uses letters grades with pluses and minuses. Whether your sc... Read More »