What does starboard mean?

Answer The word "starboard" stems from the Old English term "steorboard," which referred to the rudder used to steer the boat. Because most people are right-handed, the rudder appeared on the right-hand s... Read More »

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What does port&starboard mean?

Port and starboard are shipboard terms. Port means the left side of the ship and starboard means the right side. Starboard, in Old England, was the side where the rudder was to steer the ship. Left... Read More »

What are aft&starboard?

If you're about to spend a day on the water, be prepared. Buy a cute sailing outfit. Have the Dramamine ready to stave off sea-sickness. And brush up on your maritime vocabulary.Meaning: AftThe ter... Read More »

What is the opposite of starboard?

The opposite of starboard is port. Starboard refers to the right-hand side of a sailing vessel, port refers to the left. These terms originated from the need to clearly identify the happenings on a... Read More »

What is a starboard engine?

A starboard engine is the motor on the right-hand side of a vehicle. In a twin engine boat, the starboard engine turns to the boat to the left, while the port engine turns the boat to the right.Sou... Read More »