What does starboard mean?

Answer The word "starboard" stems from the Old English term "steorboard," which referred to the rudder used to steer the boat. Because most people are right-handed, the rudder appeared on the right-hand s... Read More »

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How to Use a StarBoard?

The StarBoard is Hitachi's interactive whiteboard, which teachers incorporate into the classroom. Teachers use the StarBoard to bring educational lessons to life through interactive stories, brains... Read More »

What are aft&starboard?

If you're about to spend a day on the water, be prepared. Buy a cute sailing outfit. Have the Dramamine ready to stave off sea-sickness. And brush up on your maritime vocabulary.Meaning: AftThe ter... Read More »

What is the opposite of starboard?

The opposite of starboard is port. Starboard refers to the right-hand side of a sailing vessel, port refers to the left. These terms originated from the need to clearly identify the happenings on a... Read More »

Which side is starboard?

The word "starboard" stems from the Old English term "steorboard," or side rudder. The rudders were placed on the right-hand side of the ship to aid in steering. Starboard thus refers to the right-... Read More »