What does star 67 do on the telephone?

Answer Star (*) 67 is the telephone code used to block the number you are calling from. It is a free service code that must be dialed each time a call is made. Simply dial *67 and the number to be dialed.... Read More »

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What are the star and hash buttons for on a telephone?

all phone have special codes that are only supposed to be known by experts. and what these do is they allow the expert do things quickly like deleting all files or something and to start and finnis... Read More »

Where does the tan wire and green wire go when you are hooking up your caller ID to your Direct TV and there is a telephone line that goes from the TV box to the telephone box?

Where the Wires GoI don't know why the last answer was so wrong like that, but all you need is a wall plate with a telephone port, and a jumper to connect it to your direct tv. I've never seen a wa... Read More »

What does the "Flash" button on the telephone do?

Let me try to answer this.Flash Button:- Flash button sends the signal to telephone exchange to 'hold' the existing call to perform another action.But why do we need 'Flash':- Flash is required for... Read More »

What does it mean when a telephone # has a 1 before it?

In the United States, Canada, and about 25 other countries (mostly Caribbean nations), the "1" tells the phone system "an area code follows". If you are calling a seven-digit phone number in your ... Read More »