What does star 67 do on the telephone?

Answer Star (*) 67 is the telephone code used to block the number you are calling from. It is a free service code that must be dialed each time a call is made. Simply dial *67 and the number to be dialed.... Read More »

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What are the star and hash buttons for on a telephone?

all phone have special codes that are only supposed to be known by experts. and what these do is they allow the expert do things quickly like deleting all files or something and to start and finnis... Read More »

How telephone numbers are assign to the subscribers by the telephone exchange?

All the numbers go into a giant pool as they build a central office. In the old days, they used to allocate specific numbers for different functions, like maybe the 6500 group for business hunting... Read More »

Can you transfer a landline telephone number to a cellular telephone?

It is possible to take your landline telephone number and transfer it to a cellular telephone, according to Utility Consumers' Action Network. Numbers can also be transferred from one cell phone pr... Read More »

I'm with TalkTalk for my telephone and broadband but I like to use the internet and use my telephone.?

When you were a child, did you make a telephone out of cocoa tins connected by a piece of string?That's your broadband connection that is. That's the Talk Talk network. That's their state of the ar... Read More »