What does "data rates may apply" mean?

Answer By using an app or rather your iPod Touch instead of an iPhone to make calls you are using your internet connection to make said calls, as you do not have a mobile phone function on your Touch. The... Read More »

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What does net 15% mean in advertising rates?

In advertising rates, ad agencies typically add a 15 percent markup to the net cost. That markup reflects the commission rate charged by the agency. The net cost is the amount the agency pays per a... Read More »

What does net 15 percent mean in advertising rates?

Advertising media companies have traditionally sold advertising space or time to advertising agencies at a 15 percent discount. The ad agency bills its client the full advertising rate, pocketing t... Read More »

What does annual income rates mean?

Tax rates by IRS based on annual income. They are on the web site. Income determines tax bracket.

In terms of US Navy rates and ranks what does FP1 mean?

Answer FP1 means Pipe Fitter First Class. The 'FP' is the Rate (Pipe Fitter) and the '1' stands for the Rank (Petty Officer First Class).