What does "data rates may apply" mean?

Answer By using an app or rather your iPod Touch instead of an iPhone to make calls you are using your internet connection to make said calls, as you do not have a mobile phone function on your Touch. The... Read More »

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I got 85% in my 12th to apply for scholarship?

Hi there! hope your college is moving along nicely.Just head to your respective college administration/office.They can help you better as its a different procedure for every university.You will be ... Read More »

Reasons for high birth rates and death rates in LEDC's?

How can birth rates and death rates affect a ecosystem?

It affects the ecosystem because if there is a dramatic increase in birthrates, it may over populate the world. If there is an increase in death rates, there will be a dramatic change in population... Read More »

Are VA loan rates the same as conventional rates?

A conventional loan rate and a VA, or Veterans Affairs, loan rate are two different types of loan rates. While they may be similar in pricing, each is set by a different agency and different rules ... Read More »