What does standard form mean?

Answer Standard form is the typical English way of expressing numbers, for example: 432. This is in contrast to expanded form which expresses a number as a mathematical equation broken up into values of ... Read More »

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Does Adobe 7 Standard allow form fill?

Adobe Acrobat 7 Standard allows users to fill interactive forms on screen and save the data as "Forms Data Format" files. Acrobat 7 Standard does not allow the creation of interactive form fields.R... Read More »

How to Convert a Standard Form Quadratic Equation to a Vertex Form?

A quadratic equation is a parabolic equation and can have two general forms. The vertex form, where y equals a * (x - h)^2 + k, is named so because the vertex is given as the variables h and k. The... Read More »

What does res standard mean on a fax?

The term "res standard" on a fax stands for "Resolution: Standard." On some fax machines, there are several options. The machine can be set at low resolution, high resolution or standard resolution... Read More »

What does purpose mean in a safety standard?

A safety standard is a segment of regulation aimed at particular industries. The purpose is a paragraph that states for whom the regulation was written and establishes conditions under which the st... Read More »