What does staccato mean in music?

Answer Staccato is an articulation mark that indicates a musical note is to be played very short. A dot underneath or above the note indicates it is staccato. A staccato note doesn't change the number of ... Read More »

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How to Use Piano Staccato and Legato Techniques?

Staccato and legato are important concepts of piano...

Does the samsung galaxy note II let you listen to music in the music player while on the internet?

Yes mines do :)Im not sure if you may have to root it. I know there are plenty of apps that allow you to use iphone emojis but i just got my note II last month and i have not tried to get iphone em... Read More »

Other than Amazon and Itunes, what other big-name companies sell music CDs and music downloads online?

Google play is a great big one. Sony has its own music empire too.Best.

Is there a way to add music to my iPod touch 4th gen music library without iTunes and jailbreak?

I do not know about adding it to your music library, but you can download the app free music download in the app store and follow the instructions to get free music onto the app. Hope I help a little