What does spyware do once it is downloaded on the computer?

Answer Spyware does many malicious and annoying things. It can change an Internet browser's home page, steal personal information, record visited websites, produce pop-up ads, change system files, utilize... Read More »

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HELP!!! My son downloaded a file that I believe could be spyware onto my computer and I can't find it!?

To all the people that blindly instruct someone to download an xxxxxx anti-virus...did you ever stop to think she might already have one??? Adding a second one will undoubtedly cause conflicts on h... Read More »

How to Update Downloaded Spyware Doctor?

Spyware is some of the most malicious software that can infect a computer. Depending on the type of spyware, it may monitor your activities online and could even record keystrokes and steal your se... Read More »

Been told I got spyware, so I downloaded Firefox 2, now I've got?

What does it mean when a computer has spyware infections?

Spyware is a general term for software that invades a computer. Spyware often gathers information in the background, collects personal information or reconfigures settings on a computer.Advertiseme... Read More »