What does HMO really stand for?

Answer A HMO stands for health maintenance organization. An HMO is a form of health care insurance. HMOs use a group basis to determine costs and ranges of coverage. Usually, all medical care is approved ... Read More »

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My mum and sister argue all the time and my sister does bad stuff I can't stand it because my mum has a lot on her plate with my nan and grandad and I am really worried so what should I do?

Believe it or not I am in a very similar situation. I know it's hard because you see your mother being stressed and hurt by things your sister is doing. And you really just want her to be happy. Th... Read More »

Hi, Does anyone know any really really really really funny videos to watch on youtube?

Charlotte takes a tumble.Kittens, inspired by Kittens!Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

My dad fell down wooden stairs today. He can't really walk or stand without pain. What should I buy to help?

I would advise that he most definately go to the ER to get checked out. He might have some fractures or some other type of serious injury that needs to be taken care of by a doctor.

What are some of those movies where single scenes don't really stand out, the movie comes together as a whole?

The Departed - such a fantastic movie, but no mindblowing scenes. The opener to the movie is probably the most attention grabbing bit. American History X - I watched this again just a few days ago,... Read More »