What does someone need to marry a foreign bride?

Answer If you are planning on marrying a non-citizen, looking into United States government regulations on foreign brides and husbands will make your wedding planning process much easier.Form I-129FU.S. C... Read More »

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Does the Father of the Bride Need to Make a Speech?

Whether the father of the bride needs to make a speech depends on the expectations and traditions within a culture as well as the preferences of the bride and groom. Although in traditional Western... Read More »

What is the song that's playing when the bride is walking down the aisle on the csi Miami episode you may now kill the bride?

There is a lot but I can name a few "Under Covers", "Boxed In", " Kill Ari (part 1)", "Judgment Day (part 1), "Agent Afloat", "Cloak", "Truth or Consquences"Jet Lag".

Can someone on probation marry someone on parole?

According to Inez Robles, a former Superior Court judicial assistant in California, a person who is on parole can legally marry someone who is on probation without legal consequences resulting from... Read More »

Can someone in the navy marry someone in the air force?