What does sohanti mean in the shadow project?

Answer youre associated with hurting and robbing a lot of good innocent people the name automatically reminds people of negative

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What does conclusion mean in a science project?

The conclusion of a science project means what can be inferred from the results of the experiment. For example, if an experiment's results showed that plants receiving less water did not grow as ta... Read More »

What does bibliography mean in my science project?

A bibliography is a list of your cited sources and is usually located at the end of your science paper or on your project display board. The sources must be formatted in the style required by your ... Read More »

What does the purpose in a science fair project mean?

The purpose in a science fair project describes what you are trying to determine by conducting the experiment. The purpose is written as a statement. For example, a purpose could read: "The purpose... Read More »

What does a shadow on a mammogram indicate?

When a woman undergoes a mammogram and a shadow is seen, that is an indication that breast tissue had folded over in the mammogram plate. This can make it look like there is a nodule or mass presen... Read More »