What does software mean?

Answer Software is used in computer related fields to refer to programs, files, or data used to control the physical components of a device, or "hardware." Such physical components include keyboards, moni... Read More »

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What does it mean to borrow software?

Borrowing software usually means installing software using the disc purchased by someone else, according to Nicholas Bombardi, manager of the faculty resource center at Fordham University. Some pla... Read More »

What does the explorer.exe application error mean in computer software?

An explorer.exe error in computer software means that Windows Explorer, a Windows operating system, has encountered an error flaw, mistake, failure or fault and has stopped working correctly. Your ... Read More »

What does it mean if an iPod touch doesn't have iPhone OS 3.1 software?

before we start do not ever get a PC if you have apple equipment, get a mac. but i would certainly go for the iPhone 4 because you can pretty much do everything that a PC can. Email, itunes etc.

You install the software bundled with your digital camera but the software does not recognize the camera is present what do you do next?

Access BIOS setup and verify that the serial port is enabled.