If a woman admits to being a little buzzed, does that mean she's smashed half out of her gourd?

Answer I would say that is the perfect time to ask for a boob shot. It you get one, chances are the wine bottle is empty.

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When does a hammer smashed finger require medical attention?

Biggest worry with broken skin is infection. keep it clean covered and maybe a topical antibiotic.If after 3 days there is any swelling, pain, redness or discoloration,and no sign of improving, it ... Read More »

What should I do with a smashed TV?

There is about 3 pounds of lead in each TV, along with other hazardous materials. Most counties and towns have a hazardous materials pick-up, check with your local recycling to find out about this... Read More »

What do you do if your iphone screen has smashed?

Ether cry yourself to sleep or get a new one. Or send it in to apple to get refurbished.

What Happens to a Smashed Achilles Heel?

Contrary to Greek mythology, humans don't have Achilles heels, we have Achilles tendons. The tendon runs from the heel up the back of the calf; it's named after the legend of Achilles' fatal weakn... Read More »