What should I do with a smashed TV?

Answer There is about 3 pounds of lead in each TV, along with other hazardous materials. Most counties and towns have a hazardous materials pick-up, check with your local recycling to find out about this... Read More »

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How do i take off a smashed fingernail?

Go to the doctor and get it took off by that way hope your fingers better soon :)

How much vodka to get smashed?

It is different for everyone, but I would hazard a guess that two shots would get you drunk, five shots you will be puking, and seven shots will kill you,

How to Fix a Smashed Fingernail?

The nagging pain of a smashed fingernail is caused by the pressure of trapped blood underneath the nail. Trapped blood also causes the fingernail to turn a purplish-blue color. Releasing the trappe... Read More »

Can lice be smashed?

On One Hand: Smashing is not the Most Effective WayWhile smashing a louse can kill it, getting rid of lice is a three-step process. Smashing fits in with the first step of killing all the live lice... Read More »