What does slr stand for with cameras?

Answer SLR stands for single-lens reflex, and it refers to a type of camera in which mirrors are used to accurately reproduce the image that will be taken through the lens. In a non-SLR camera, the view t... Read More »

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What does ISO stand for in cameras?

"ISO" is a word that represents the International Standards Organization, or as it is more commonly known, the International Organization for Standardization. This organization is based in Switzerl... Read More »

What does CCD stand for in cameras?

CCD is an acronym for "charge coupled device." The charge coupled device is a light-sensitive computer chip that is made up of millions of tiny metal oxide semi-conductor capacitors with each capac... Read More »

What does SLR stand for with the cameras?

What does IS stand for with Canon cameras?

IS stands for Image Stabilisation. A technique to reduce unsharpness from camera shake. It's quite effective when longer shutter times are used (< 1/ focal length).The generic Canon approach is to ... Read More »