Does the Slender Shaper actually work?

Answer On One Hand: Slender Shaper Fraught with Bad ReviewsThe Slender Shaper, which claims to "isometrically exercise the muscles" is fraught with poor reviews from consumers and exercise enthusiasts who... Read More »

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What are the eating habits of naturally slender people?

It doesn't much matter If the person is naturally slender, then by definition their eating habits aren't going to be something worth examining. While dieting and eating fewer calories will obviousl... Read More »

Slender on a Macbook?

They are all the same game (currently V0.9.7 Beta note the "Beta" - it is not a finished game) so another download will not make any difference.…The genera... Read More »

How to Cosplay As Slender Man?

Have the stories of Slender Man intrigued you? Did you ever wish that you could look like him? Well, this is the article for you!

Woah! Superstitious, Slender-man.?