What episode of Law and Order SVU does Kathy slap Elliott?

Answer i don't know. maybe you should ask someone else. how about your best friend, she might know. all that i know is that i live in a house.

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What material are slap bracelets made of?

Slap bracelets are made from metal slats, typically steel, that are similar to the slats found on Venetian blinds. The slats are usually around 9 inches long and covered with fabric in decorative p... Read More »

Wasnt it nice to see the RTV SECTION a Happy Happy House again today...?

I think Tony means 'Upstaged ' LOL - I've been busy today so I was too late to answer the questions - but reading through them reminded me of days of yore ! Pleasant AND happy !

Slap me stupid but what is the difference between an Ipod and an MP3 player?

An Ipod is an MP3 player, but is made my Apple. Althought Ipod is most popular, it is probably the worst kind of MP3 player you can get. Ipod forces you to use their software, and it is annoying. O... Read More »

What is the name of the episode of how i met your mother with the slap bet?

It's called 'Slap Bet'. It aired originally on November 20, 2006. You should be able to watch it on (the link is on the bottom of this page)