How to Change to a New Skein?

Answer Once you have learned how to knit, you have to learn how to change to a new skein of yarn in order to finish most projects. When you first join the new skein of yarn, the stitches at the join will ... Read More »

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How to Find the End of a Skein of Yarn?

Whether you knit or crochet, you use the same types of yarn and fiber, which typically come rolled into a skein. While a skein of yarn typically has a visible end laid along the outside of the yarn... Read More »

How Do I Join a Skein of Yarn?

When you crochet or knit a large project, eventually you will come to end of one skein of yarn and have to join another in order to continue. There are a number of ways to cleanly attach the new sk... Read More »

Knitting: How to Start a New Skein of Yarn?

The history of knitting is difficult to trace for one important reason: the materials which are knitted are those that decay very easily, such as wool, silk and cotton. If the knitting needles surv... Read More »

What is the average yarn skein size for a swift?

A swift is an apparatus that holds a skein of yarn at tension so it can be wound into balls. Swifts are adjustable to hold many sizes of skeins, which are loose rings of yarn. A skein can come in a... Read More »

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