What does sizing mean when hanging wallpaper?

Answer According to Tim Carter, nationally syndicated columnist on construction, sizing is an old term that described the process of applying diluted wheat paste on plaster walls to prepare the walls for ... Read More »

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Isn't Professional wallpaper adhesive just thinned out wallpaper paste used for "sizing"?

Yes, that is correct. Your powers of observation are astounding. Maybe they should promote you to be Vice President of the Adhesive Department.(hehe, just kidding, love ya' babe.)

What is wallpaper sizing?

Wallpaper sizing prepares a wall's surface before wallpaper application. Sizing, sometimes called "wallpaper size" or "wallpaper primer/sealant," also makes wallpaper easier to remove, and is avail... Read More »

Do you need to size your walls when hanging wallpaper?

Size your walls prior to hanging wallpaper. Measure the length and width of the wall that you will be hanging the wall paper on, and leave a 1-inch overhang on the top and bottom.References:This Ol... Read More »

How do I remove wallpaper sizing?

Spray the WallFill a spray bottle with a solution of dish detergent and warm water. Shake the bottle to mix well. Begin spraying the wall at the top left hand corner and work your way across the wa... Read More »