What's your best ever sitcom?

Answer FrazierBilkoSteptoe & SonFawlty TowersThe Navy larkHogan's HeroesThe Addams FamilyMr EdCar 54 Where are you?Yes MinisterHancock's half hour

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What is a tv sitcom tag?

The tag is typically the last :30-:45 seconds of a sitcom that relates to a secondary plot point or reference to a line of dialogue during the program. It could be a joke or a quick tease or plot t... Read More »

What is a sitcom?

A sitcom is a "situation comedy." It's used to describe a TV or radio show with a set cast of characters that find themselves in humorous or unusual situations.

Is snl a sitcom?

no, snl is a late-night sketch comedy and variety show a sitcom, is a genre of comedy that usually consists of recurring characters in a common environment such as a home or workplace and can inclu... Read More »

What was the first sitcom?

What was the first ever sitcom? wasn't it on the radio?