Are my symptoms a sign of something sinister Should I go to the doctors?

Answer Definitely see the doctor, blood test or not. If a blood test is suggested, you can ask why and ultimately refuse if you wish. Maybe just a history, exam, and urine test will be enough. I don't ... Read More »

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What color is the band on the (non-sinister) top hat sold at Prigpants& Swolthy Tailors?

The non-sinister Top Hat available at the cybertailor Prigpants & Swolthy has a red band. The tailor is part of the marketplace in Neopets, an online virtual world where players take on identities ... Read More »

In 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand why do you think the Council of Vocations assigns Equality the job of street sweeper is it due to error incompetence or a more sinister motivation?

They know he is intelligent, and that he has pride. This is to break his spirit, and put him in his place. And because he is different from everyone else ( 6 feet tall and handsome) so in order to... Read More »

There was a murder mystery show on E a couple of years ago it was hosted by a man and it was kind of like an E true Hollywood story type of show but darker and more sinister like about older cases?

You might be talking about 'Final 24", which was the final 24 hours of dead celebrities (Chris Farley, Anna Nicole Smith, etc.) It wasn't necessarily about murder exclusively, but I believe there ... Read More »