What does single barrel bourbon mean?

Answer Bourbon is an American-made whiskey produced in the Eastern states, most often Kentucky, according to American University, and it was first created in the 1700s after the Irish first brought whiske... Read More »

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How to Oak Beer in a Used Bourbon Barrel?

Many microbreweries and some homebrewers age beer in used oak bourbon barrels. As would be expected, this form of “oaking” imbues beer with the distinct flavors of oak wood and bourbon, but as ... Read More »

What does rifle barrel bedding mean?

Rifle bedding is the process of creating a bond between the rifle action, or the back end of the barrel, and the rifle stock, which is the part of the gun you hold when firing, to which the barrel ... Read More »

What does an unsupported barrel in a handgun mean?

An unsupported barrel means that the feed ramp--which allows the case to be pushed into the barrel--is merely cut into the barrel, instead of being a separate piece. This results in the exposure an... Read More »

What does are you hollering down the rain barrel mean?

This catchy phrase comes from a very popular 1894 song, called "I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard." The music was put together by H.W. Petrie, while Philip Wingate wrote the lyrics. In this tune, ... Read More »