What does simple subject mean?

Answer A simple subject is the subject---or primary noun---of a sentence, but without the modifiers that may accompany the subject. For instance, in the sentence "The fat, lazy dog slept," "fat, lazy dog"... Read More »

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What does the term"data subject"mean?

A data subject is described as a living person (under UK law) about whom information is saved and stored in computer systems. Information might be saved by employers, government agencies, medical ... Read More »

What does subject to short sale mean?

When a home is advertised as "subject to short sale," it means that the current homeowner is trying to sell the home at a lower price than the amount he currently owes on the home. Approval by the ... Read More »

What does short sale--subject to lender mean?

If you are shopping for a home and you find one labeled short sale--subject to lender approval, it means the home is being sold under a short sale. A short sale is performed when the seller attempt... Read More »

I was just wondering what does "Not Subject to Memory Effect, High-Energy Density Lithium Ion Technology" mean?

That's the kind of battery you want.Old nickel cadmium batteries would develop a "memory" when they were not recharged properly. Use the battery down to 50% capacity and then recharge it, and the ... Read More »