What does silver shod mean?

Answer The word "shod," derived from the word "shoe," describes an external coating or covering used for protection or adornment. "Silver shod" refers to an item coated or covered in silver. For example, ... Read More »

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What does 925 on sterling silver mean?

The number "925" stamped on sterling-silver jewelry represents 925/1000 parts of pure silver. Sterling is a silver alloy, and the remaining 75/1000 parts is made up of various other metals. The Uni... Read More »

What does"silver lining"mean?

A reference to "silver lining" implies optimism: there is an upside to any negative event. It is from the idiom "every cloud has a silver lining" which comes from a poem written by John Milton in ... Read More »

What does 1098 on a silver plate mean?

The number 1098 on a silver plate is a pattern number. The Benedict Manufacturing Company, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, manufactures pattern number 1098, as well as many other patterns. T... Read More »

What does"1837"on Tiffany silver mean?

Tiffany & Co, founded in 1837, engraves the year into several of its silver pieces to commemorate this anniversary and refers to it as the classic Tiffany 1837 collection. Tiffany does this on silv... Read More »