What does sift flour mean?

Answer Sifting flour refers to an important step in many baking recipes. Flour gets compacted in the process of packaging, shipping and sitting on store shelves. You can aerate and remove lumps from your ... Read More »

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How to Sift Flour?

Sifting flour.Sifting flour is an old-fashioned technique rarely used in modern baking as today's flour is pre-sifted. Here are three methods of sifting:

How to Sift Flour Without a Sifter?

Many recipes call for sifted flour, but what if you don't have a flour sifter around? Sifting serves multiple purposes (aerating the flour particles so they absorb liquid more evenly, standardizing... Read More »

What does it mean to sift?

The verb "sift" means to separate by using a sieve. The term can also be used metaphorically, when it means to examine or sort out. A sifter is also used in cooking to sift dry ingredients, specifi... Read More »

What does dredge with flour mean?

Dredge with flour means to cover or coat the food in flour. Recipes may require dredging or coating with flour before baking or frying certain foods, such as meat, fish and vegetables.Source:Recipe... Read More »