What does sic mean in grammar?

Answer Sic is a Latin word, which means "in such a manner," or "as such." It is used in print with square brackets around it to indicate that the quote that is being used contains an error or a misspellin... Read More »

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Difference Between Regular Grammar and Context-Free Grammar?

Grammar means something very different to linguists and computer programmers than it does to most people. While most of us think of grammar as a set of etiquette rules for socially acceptable langu... Read More »

The Similarities Between Universal Grammar & English Grammar?

Universal grammar and English grammar are different concepts that share similarities. Universal grammar is a theory about language acquisition that applies to all languages. The theory of a univers... Read More »

Grammar Tips for ESL?

Grammar is one of the most difficult parts of mastering a foreign language, and ESL is no different. Maximize your students' chances of ESL grammar success with persistence, practice and helpful, r... Read More »

What is a grammar school?

In the United States, early school years go by a number of names, causing confusion for new residents and immigrants. These early educational grades can be known as grammar school, primary school ... Read More »